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Since figuring out how to get XPages to talk to Amazon S3 I decided to look into an old project I had on OpenNTF called fileSendr and add the functionality to it. fileSendr V1.0.2 is now available on OpenNTF and not only does it have the Amazon S3 support but I also added a few other features worth checking out, even if only for the code examples…

dojox.form.fileUploader : Multi File Upload with an XPages processor for the backend.
Extension Library Functions
Page Navigator for the sidebar menus.
Form Layout control for the onscreen forms
JSON RPC Services control to call SSJS from client side javascript ( this is really cool )
Amazon S3 support using the Amazon AWS SDK for Java

Of course the project doesn’t stop with this release. One of the feature requests on OpenNTF was to allow external people send files into fileSendr for retrieval by internal users, making it into more of a fileReceivr then a fileSendr. The good news is that progress on this feature has already started and should be available soon…


To stop the receiving feature from being abused I decided to code it so that the internal user of the application needs to generate an authorization key that is sent to the external person. The external person then clicks the link in the email that they received and they are brought to a screen in the application where they can upload the document anonymously and then the system will send an email to the original internal user that their file is waiting to be retrieved. The authorization key is only allowed to be used once.

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5 comments on “the fileSendr Project on OpenNTF
  1. great project. Using it on 853CD2.

    Not sure if I did something wrong during initial setup ( perhaps I did not read the documentation 🙂 ), but when you create a new app and try to open from the browser, the initial creation of the config document fails, because Anonymous has no rights to create documents.

    If you create the config doc in the client first, it works.

    Just my 2cents


  2. Steve Smillie says:

    Sounds like a great tool and the external feature sounds likes a great enhancement.

    Had a crazy idea, but not sure how to implement it.


  3. Anthony Miller says:

    I can’t seem to get this working in IE 7 I get a


  4. T Cornu says:

    Same probl


  5. davide says:

    Security issues?


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