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Some notes for Domino Application Developers

I have just finished up judging all the entries for the OpenNTF Development Contest and I must say there were some great entries, it certainly wasn’t an easy job trying to pick out the best so I went about my

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Signature Capture Control Now On OpenNTF

The signature capture control is now available on OpenNTF licensed under the APL V2 license.

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the fileSendr Project on OpenNTF

Since figuring out how to get XPages to talk to Amazon S3 I decided to look into an old project I had on OpenNTF called fileSendr and add the functionality to it. fileSendr V1.0.2 is now available on OpenNTF and

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OpenNTF : Don’t mix your licenses

Earlier today, Julian Buss released a new project on OpenNTF called YouAtNotes xCharting under the GPL license. I have absolutely no problem with his license choice, I fought hard to have the GPL license be a valid license type on

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