Learning XPages

Here is the table of contents for the original ‘Learning XPages’ blog series that I wrote. A lot of the information in this blog series is out of date due to the recent advancements in Xpages, especially with the Extension Library from OpenNTF but it is still a good read for the beginner.

I’m missing a few parts due to the migration of my blog from Blogsphere to WordPress but as soon as I figure out why the import didn’t run correctly for them I’ll relink the entries here.

  1. Application Objectives
  2. The basics of oneUI
  4. Breaking Up Is Easy To Do/a>
  5. Adding an image to the right side of the banner
  6. Showing The Username In The Banner
  8. Adding The Application Title
  9. Using Values From A Profile Document
  10. Finalizing The Footer
  12. Preparing Our First Sidebar Widget
  13. Listing The Locations In The Sidebar
  14. Applying OneUI To The Locations List
  15. Building The Homepage Content
  16. A Better Homepage Look
  18. Building The Second XPage
  19. Another Repeat Another Table
  20. Restricting The Repeat To A Single Category
  22. Creating The User Document
  23. Adding Data Fields To The Person Document
  24. Linking to the Person document.
  25. Scripted Linking Between XPages
  26. Dropping Some Breadcrumbs
  27. Naming The Breadcrumbs
  28. Creating a Tabbed Panel
  29. Giving The Tables Some Feedback
  30. Creating An Action Bar And Buttons
  31. Adding Actions To The Action Buttons
  32. Using Roles To Make Fields Editable
  34. Server Side Validation
  35. Advanced Validation Using RegEX
  36. Saving The Document And Hiding The Actions
  37. Adding A Rich Text Control To The Form
  38. Uploading An Image For The Person’s Picture
  39. Adding Pagers To Our Repeats
  40. Two Data Sources One Xpage
  41. Debugging Your Code
  42. Creating A New Person Document
  43. Enabling All Fields On A New Document
  44. Adding A Dropdown Combobox Lookup To A Field
  45. Deleting A Document
  46. Setting Up To Add Edit And Delete Locations
  47. Using A View Control To List Locations
  48. Linking Checkboxes To An Action
  49. Building The LocationsEdit XPage
  50. Creating A Search Function
  51. Giving Function To The Search Bar
  52. Getting And Displaying The Search Results
  53. Building The Search Results XPage
  54. The End…
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