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Lotus Notes Smart Upgrade On The Mac

I’m a big fan of Smart Upgrade in Lotus Notes when it comes to installing upgrades on MS Windows machines. The SURunAs wizard is probably one of the best features ever added to the Smart Upgrade toolkit and it allows

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The Question I Forgot To Ask The Developers

There is nothing worse then leaving the ‘Ask the Developers’ session at Lotusphere and then thinking of a question that you would have loved to have asked so I’m going to ask it here in the hope that somebody might

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Notes 8.5 For Mac OS X

Yesterday at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, California, IBM announced the release of Lotus Notes & Domino version 8.5 and why do it at MacWorld, well because this release is the first in the Notes 8 codestream to include

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Get your notes calendar on the iPhone without DWA

A new application has appeared on the iPhone App Store that claims to download your Lotus Notes calendar to your iPhone without having to use DWA UltraLight. Written by Jimmy Mooney from Austin, Texas the application does have a few

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