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Sometimes You Have To Go Directly To the Source

When you have been writing XPage applications for a while you may notice that you start using the source pane a lot more then the design pane. Sometimes it is so you can copy/paste parts of the markup from one

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An update on using Mercurial in Domino Designer

Recently there have been a few changes to the MercurialEclipse project which is what I have recommended in the past to use to enable Mercurial source control in Domino Designer so if you need to use Mercurial here are the

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Some notes for Domino Application Developers

I have just finished up judging all the entries for the OpenNTF Development Contest and I must say there were some great entries, it certainly wasn’t an easy job trying to pick out the best so I went about my

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Where Are All The Open Source Developers Gone?

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while and had been hesitant to blog about it, but a sentence in Ben Poole’s recent blog post asking if there is value in using Domino as a blogging platform caught my

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