From Domino To Spring


  1. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone
  2. Replacing The Pillars Of Domino
  3. What language should I move to?
  4. Deciding on a frontend
  5. But what about the data?
  6. Who Are You?
  7. Managing your source code and issue tracking
  8. Deploying Your Applications
  9. Putting It All Together
  10. And So We Find Ourselves Back At The Start Again

The Series

  1. Getting started with VisualStudio Team Services
  2. Getting started with IntelliJ
  3. Committing The Code To VSTS
  4. Mapping Out Your Ideas
  5. Person Persons People
  6. Pushing your changes to GIT on VSTS
  7. Thats just a load of CRUD
  8. Extending Your Entity Repositories
  9. Controlling The Frontend
  10. Starting The Frontend
  11. Adding Bootstrap To The Frontend
  12. Adding Some Demo Data
  13. Checking Your Demo Data
  14. Adding Locations Data To The UI
  15. Adding The People By Location Controller
  16. Add The People By Location Page
  17. Adding More Fake Data
  18. Introducing ThymeLeaf Fragments
  19. Reuse More Code With ThymeLeaf Layout
  20. Highlighting The Selected Area With Thymeleaf
  21. AJAX and ThymeLeaf For Modal Dialogs
  22. Setting Up Your Rancher Infrastructure
  23. Extending Your Rancher Environments
  24. A VSTS Build Agent For Rancher
  25. Defining Your VSTS Build
  26. Getting Your Rancher API Keys
  27. Adding A Dockerfile to the project
  28. Creating A Dummy Service In Rancher
  29. Building the Release Definition
  30. Adding the Deployment Script
  31. Coming Soon..
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