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Got XBox Live? I guess you cannot move!

A few months before I left Ireland to move to the USA I purchased an Xbox360 and setup an Xbox360 Live account, part of the process was filling in my credit card details and billing address which included Ireland as

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Windows Vista on ThinkPad T43

Windows Vista has finally been launched and is available to purchase from your local computer store. As part of the beta test group for Vista I’ve been running it on my various computers for the past year and I have

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Father Of IBM WebSphere joins Ray at Microsoft

Here’s an interesting story to come out of the Microsoft camp just before Lotusphere begins. Apparently Don Ferguson who is regarded as many as being the ‘Father Of Websphere’ after being the first chief architect in IBM’s WebSphere division has

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Microsot Patents Mood Stamps For Email

Looking through my RSS feeds this morning I came across an article on SlashDot that mentions that Microsoft has patented ‘Emoti-Flags for Email Messages’. Here’s the abstract from the patent form : Email emotiflags are described. A collection of emotiflags,

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