Father Of IBM WebSphere joins Ray at Microsoft

Here’s an interesting story
to come out of the Microsoft camp just before Lotusphere begins.

Apparently Don Ferguson who is regarded
as many as being the ‘Father Of Websphere’ after being the first chief
architect in IBM’s WebSphere division has left IBM for a new position in
Microsoft working directly in the CTO’s office and who is the CTO, well
you and I know him as the ‘Father Of Lotus Notes’, everybody else knows
him as Ray Ozzie.

From his bio
on the Microsoft site we find that Don will be "understanding the
trends, architecting and piloting the implications for existing and new
products, and evangelizing Microsoft’s vision."

So what does this mean for either Microsoft
or IBM. Only time will tell…

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One comment on “Father Of IBM WebSphere joins Ray at Microsoft
  1. glen says:

    I had been looking for this story to pop up eventually. What Is REALLY interesting is that a couple of days ago, the “bio” was on the website, but as of today, it is gone. curiouser and curiouser …


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