PLFNEBGT : Pre Lotusphere Friday Night Early Bird Get Together

While the majority of people for Lotusphere
arrive into Orlando on the Saturday there are always a couple of early-birds
like myself and Terri, Warren and Kitty and no forgetting Matt White who
arrive in on the Friday to get the partying started.

Last year a few of us went to La Noubia
in Downtown Disney however this year the show is ‘dark’ till January 23rd
so we need to organise a new Pre-lotusphere Friday Night get Together location.

Weather permitting a few of us were
thinking that the outside bar at the Dolphin swimming pools might be a
nice location to kickstart the week.  For those arriving in from Europe
that night it will be a lot easier then dragging themselves to Downtown
Disney and for the smokers it’s an outside location so everybody is happy.

Of course if it’s too cold or raining
hard then we can just relocate to the Dolphin hotel bar at the top of the
escalator where we can morn the loss of the outside balcony for a second
year in a row.

Anyway, in summary…. if the weather
is good then it’s the outside bar at the Dolphin Hotel swimming pools and
if the weather is bad then it’s the inside bar at the top of escalator
in the Dolphin. We’ll probably start arriving at one of those locations
about 8pm.

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2 comments on “PLFNEBGT : Pre Lotusphere Friday Night Early Bird Get Together
  1. Roy says:

    Me, Bro, Pants, MicroTed and Wild Bill are all arriving on Friday. We’ll see you there!


  2. Matt White says:

    Excellent call Declan, see you there on Friday evening.Matt


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