Microsot Patents Mood Stamps For Email

Looking through my RSS feeds this morning
I came across an
on SlashDot that mentions that Microsoft has patented ‘Emoti-Flags for
Email Messages’. Here’s the abstract from the
form :

Email emotiflags
are described. A collection of emotiflags, each including a graphical icon
and a text tag is maintained. Custom emotiflags may be defined by a user.
While composing an email message, a user may associate an emotiflag with
the email message such that when the email message is sent, the emotiflag
is sent with the email message. Email messages may be received that include

I wonder if ‘Mood Stamps’ in Lotus Notes
would be considered prior art or if I could patent the concept of mood
stamps for blog entries.

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  1. Ed Brill says:

    Just wrote about this after seeing it on another blog — Andy comes before Declan alphabetically Anyway, should be interesting to see where that discussion goes…


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