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Looks like I’ve been tagged
by John. I never know what to say in these things as I’ve led a fairly
boring, routine life but here goes…

  • As a kid I caught my back leg in the
    spokes of a moving bicycle, I still have the scar to prove it.

  • In school I caused a large explosion
    in the chemistry lab when I put a flame to something very combustible.
    Thankfully the only injury was a small bit of glass in my thumb and yes
    I still have the scar to prove that also.

  • In college I worked nights at the local
    10 pin bowling alley.

  • I dropped out of college, but somehow
    I ended up working in the same colleges IT department for over a year.

  • I worked for 6 months in Canary Warf
    in London, a month after I left the IRA tried to blow it up. I’ll always
    be very glad that I refused an offer by the company for full-time employment
    otherwise I would have been in the building at the time.

    My turn to tag a few people so I’ll
    shoot for the Irish and UK side of the pond…. How about
    ( should be very interesting
    , Warren
    , Steve
    ( who won’t see this
    till he gets back from his honeymoon ) and

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3 comments on “Tagged: Five things you might not know about me
  1. Wild Bill says:

    Be careful what you wish for:{ Link }—* Bill


  2. Dec:

    You caught your “back leg” in the spokes of a moving bicycle?

    Heck with the scar – I wanna see that back leg of yours 🙂



  3. Declan Lynch says:

    ‘leg in back wheel’. Sometimes typing too fast for my brain to catch up


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