Getting Ready For Lotusphere 2007

Well the annual Lotus Geek conference is
nearly upon us so time to start booking flights if you haven’t already
done so.  At least this year my flight to Orlando won’t be as long
as it has been in the past and I won’t have to worry about jet lag for
the first day or two. Thebiggest worry is going to be the weather, after
such an unusally mild December I have this sneeky feeling that when winter
finally hits it’s going to hit hard…

Myself and Steve Castledine will be
presenting a JumpStart session on the Sunday at 1.30pm called ‘Ready, Steady,
Blog’. The final draft of the slides were submitted yesterday although
I’m sure there may be a few small tweaks to be done once Steve gets back
from his honeymoon. The session is aimed at people who what to learn what
blogging is, how it evolved and what you need to do to get up and running
with blogging in your corporate environment.

Rumour has it that the Wednesday night
party is going to be at Animal Kingdom. This is one park I haven’t been
to yet and I hear the rollercoaster there is pretty good, if it’s not at
Animal Kingdom then I’ll keep my fingers crossed for MGM Studios or either
Universal park.

BlogSphere V3 is nearly ready. If I
get more time I’ll have the first release ready for Lotusphere.  I
did just release a new build over on my download page today that has some
more features completed.  I don’t think the web interface is going
to be ready for Lotusphere but I’ll do my best. If your interestign in
upgrading to V3 then come find me during Lotusphere and I’ll provide some
hands-on help with the upgrade.

Lotusphere 2007 here we come….

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One comment on “Getting Ready For Lotusphere 2007
  1. Thomas says:

    cheers mate, cant wait until this gets beta. Thought i should give some comments back for your new build, as i tested it.I replaced all the design and it looks sweet sofar. making a short list here for your info.all the static pages that i created on previous build, no longer works.basically all of them, photo album side block links is out, static pages is out, my link to download section is out. so basically only the blog is operativ on the front page. the link to the website above is where the alpha build is running, sp you can check it out.


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