Translations Needed

I’m looking for a few volunteers to help
create a couple of translation documents for Blogsphere. If your able to
help out then please leave a comment with a valid email in the ’email’
field ( it won’t be displayed on the web. )

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6 comments on “Translations Needed
  1. Vitor Pereira says:

    Hi Declan,
    I can help with Portuguese translation. Send me an email if you’re interested.


  2. Lars Berntrop-Bos says:

    As sent per email when site wasa down, I can help with dutch translation


  3. I’ll be happy to assist with a translation into danish. Just let me know.


  4. count me in for italian


  5. Thomas Bahn says:

    You can find my German translation here:{ Link }Thomas


  6. Martin says:

    Will try Czech


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