Ytria Release New Versions Of Their Tools

If you develop Notes applications and your
haven’t used Ytria Tools then you don’t know what your missing and if you
do use Ytria Tools then make sure you have an active maintence agreement
and upgrade to the latest versions.

Ytria make a number of tools that are
really handy for the Lotus Notes developer and administrator out there,
like ScanEz which allows you to examine and change the contents of a notes
database, or like ActionBarEz which lets you apply standard actionbar preferences
across all views and forms in a few easy steps or SignEz which allows developers
sign databases without the need for an admin client you’ll find that these
tools really make life easy for the admin or developer and save a lot of

I’ve been using these tools in the development
of BlogSphere V3 and over the next while I’ll be putting up some blog entries
for each tool and show how they saved me time.

So if you use Ytria Tools then make
sure you get the upgrade and if not then make sure you tell your boss to
reserve you a bit of next years budget to purchase them. They’ll pay for
themselves in no time.

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