Get your notes calendar on the iPhone without DWA

A new application has appeared on the iPhone
App Store that claims to download your Lotus Notes calendar to your iPhone
without having to use DWA UltraLight.

Written by Jimmy
from Austin, Texas the
application does have a few
for it to be able to run against your mailfile.  The first is that
your mailfile must be accessible via the web so the HTTP task must be running
on your server and the server needs to be visible on the internet. The
second requirement is that you need to add an agent into your mailfile
so the application can extract the calendar data in what I suspect is probably
an xml format that the application can read.

It is not clear from the applications
description if the calendar entries are put into the iPhone’s native calendar
application or if they only display in the applications interface and I
suspect that it is a read only application with no way to create calendar
entries to sync back to your mailfile.

The application is called NotesCal
and costs $2.99 to purchase.

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8 comments on “Get your notes calendar on the iPhone without DWA
  1. Rob McDonagh says:

    Interesting. It’s not xml, it’s a csv format. He gives us the agent as a text file on his setup page. And it definitely isn’t using the iPhone’s calendar app, it’s a standalone app. Nice to see a Notes app on the AppStore.


  2. Jimmy M says:

    I just wanted to jump in and answer some of your questions.You are right, it is exporting to CSV. Additionally – it is a standalone app. The SDK will not currently allow you to access a user’s calendar. You can be sure as soon as it does this will move from a standalone app to a conduit for syncing your Notes Calendar to your phone.Lastly – unfortunately it is only one-way right now. I’m working on additional agent scripts that will allow for event creation and updating. One of the big hurdles with notes is you can never directly access a server unless you hook into the DLL’s installed when you install notes, or you have the users .id file available. Since neither of those is available the only other option is to piggyback on the HTTP daemon. That, of course, comes with its own challenges as a stateless connection protocol.Feel free to e-mail me any questions you have on NotesCal and I’m glad to see you like it!


  3. Sander Zwart says:

    It is possible with a combination of Outlook, DAMO and mobile my to get your notes calander in the native iCal on the iphone. Sync from domino to iPhone goed fine. Only sync from iphone to domino reaches outlook but will not be synced to domino from there.My topic in the ND8 forum{ Link }


  4. Jimmy M says:

    Yes, but the problem with that solution Sander is that you have to have a PC sitting and running all the time to sync with outlook, and then with MobileMe.I have a laptop that I carry around – so if my laptop is in my bag with the solution you propose I’m not getting any new calendar entries. NotesCal connects to your server directly with no middleman required.


  5. Sander Zwart says:

    I Absolutly agree, And I like the way you buld your solution. My solution is a option when you are connected to your laptop….and the most important reason I use it is to sync my contacts.And I see it as a workaound….


  6. Jimmy M says:

    Notes Contacts is in the works 🙂


  7. Mike Eovino says:

    @Jimmy – will Notes Contacts integrate with the native Contacts application on iPhone?


  8. Mike Eovino says:

    I’ve followed Sander’s recommendation and have blogged about my results (see website link). It’s not bad if you’re savvy enough to put all the pieces together. I wouldn’t recommend it for your C?O set.I’ve also downloaded NotesCal, but I’m waiting for the 1.1 version to fix the problem I’m having. But I’m very excited about that.


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