Enabling Large File Uploads On Your Domino Server for XPages

By now you have probably noticed that fileSendr V1.1.0 is now available on OpenNTF. This is the version that allows you to authorize external people to send files into you. It’s a really handy XPages based utility for any organization that needs to send large files to and from customers.

To allow fileSendr to accept large files you do need to make a few configuration changes on your Domino server, the instructiosn are in the fileSendr download on OpenNTF but I thought I’d blog about it here so it can be found by search engines for anybody else needing to figure it out.

First off you’ll need to work out how large a file you want to allow to be uploaded and then convert that into Kb. If you want to allow 2GB files then that will be 2097152Kb. You can also allow unlimited uploads by use 0Kb in the fields below.

First we need to tell the Domino server the maximum size of any HTTP request. This is done in the Server document in the Internet Protocols/HTTP tab. Look to the bottom of the page on the right and you’ll see the ‘Protocol Limits’ section.


The next change you make is to the Domino Web Engine to tell it to allow POST data of a certain size. If your not using Internet Sites then this is in the Domino server document under ‘Internet Protocols/Domino Web Engine’. If you are using Internet Sites then this is in the internet site document under ‘Domino Web Engine’. In either case you are looking for the Maximum POST data field. This should be set to the same value as the Maximum Request field.


Lastly your XPage application needs to be told that it can accept uploads up to a certain size. This is done in the xsp.properties file. This file can exist in one of two places, either in the dominodataproperties directory on your server or directly in the NSF of the application. If you set the value in the server version of the file then it will affect ALL XPages applications on your server. If you just set it in the NSF then it just affects that single application. For security I recommend that you only set it at the application level. fileSendr has this set at the application level for 2Gb but you can change it as you require using the steps below…

Open your application in Domino Designer and double-click on the ‘Application Properties’ page.


Then switch to the ‘XPages’ tab and set your selected value in the ‘File Upload Options’ section.


Then make sure you save your Application properties.

Your Domino server and your XPages application are now setup to allow large uploads.

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4 comments on “Enabling Large File Uploads On Your Domino Server for XPages
  1. Anthony MIller says:

    I’m getting this error… Can’t seem to find anything on it googleing. Can you help?

    Cannot find the library com.ibm.xsp.extlib.library, required by the application /FileSender.nsf.


  2. Declan Lynch says:

    As stated in the requirements for the project you need to install the OpenNTF ExtLib project on your server.

    You also need to update the DoJo fileUpload component on your server. Instructions are on OpenNTF.


  3. Hi Declan,

    I installed FileSendr on a Domino 8.5.2 fp1 32 bit server, also installed the xpages extension lib + upload control + checked the app xpages properties.

    Moreover I setup the server doc + internet site doc with new 2GB upload limits.

    When I login and try to send a 500MB attachment, I see the progress bar moving until the end, but then all get stuck and after some minutes I get an error message

    “Could not find upload document” .

    Same problem faced with both Firefox 3.6.x and IE 8.

    Is there any way to debug this problem? Some hints?

    Some customers are thrilled to installed your nice app, they are even willing to upgrade Domino to 8.5.2 just for that đŸ˜‰

    Thanks for your reply,



  4. A Roper says:

    Hi there.

    We are looking at using this fileSendr database but have hit a problem in that after installing


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