Lotusphere 2009 Live Blogging Plans

Well the Lotusphere Opening General Session
is now less then a week away and it is probably the most look forward to
session from the whole of Lotusphere as this is where all the new announcements
are revealed along with demonstrations of the newly released Domino 8.5
and hopefully some future stratigies and roadmaps.

Normally I run a live blog for the OGS
and this year will be no different except it will be very very different
indeed. This years live blog of the OGS is going to be a group effort with
some of your favorite bloggers like
, Matt
, Stuart
and The
. We will each be covering
different aspects of the OGS and YOU as the reader can even join in by
leaving comments* and answering quick web polls.

The live blog should be available on
all of our blogs, it won’t mater which of our blogs you visit you will
get to see the same live blog session and best of all you won’t need to
wear out your browsers refresh button as this truly is a live blog system.

So if your not able to make it to Lotusphere
or even if your at Lotusphere and want to leave a comment on something
you have heard at the OGS then we look forward to having you join us for
the unofficial Lotusphere OGS live blog.

* Comments will be moderated and only
added to the live blog if relevant.

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