A Handy Mac Utility If Your Presenting At Lotusphere

I know that there are quite a few Mac users
who will be using their Macbook for presenting at Lotusphere so I just
wanted to share a small application that I found that I find is really
really handy.

Caffeine is a tiny
program that puts an icon in the right side of your menu bar. Click it
to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen
or starting screen savers. When your doing a presentation the last thing
you need is for the screen to dim while your talking and not moving the

Caffeine is also very handy for other
things like if your monitoring a server and need to make sure the screen
doesn’t turn off for a little while and just like the coffee service at
Lotusphere you can set it up to disappear after a set number of minutes
so you don’t accidentally leave it turned on all day.

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One comment on “A Handy Mac Utility If Your Presenting At Lotusphere
  1. Yet another one of those perfect little (free) Mac apps that does one thing, and does it real well.We use Caffeine a lot on our home iMac – it is used as our main TV/DVD player (using Elgato EyeTV) and Caffeine is a godsend for that purpose.Good tip.


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