I’m Speedgeeking At Lotusphere 2009

I am pleased to announce that I’ve been
selected as a speaker for the Speedgeeking session at Lotusphere 2009.

I will be giving my 5 minute presentation
in the AppDev track on the topic of developing Global Multilingual Applications.
In the 5 minutes you’ll learn how to create a single database that contains
multiple versions of the same application but in different languages. I’l
also quickly cover the Domino Global Workbench and how that application
can save you a lot of time when creating multilingual applications. If
you work in a global corporation then this is 5 minutes you won’t want
to miss.

Speedgeeking will be help on Tuesday
Jan 20th at 6.00pm in the Dolphin Pacific Hall. It is a fun filled, fast
paced way to learn something new as you move from presenter to presenter.

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  1. Ady says:

    hi Declan,

    Sorry this request is kinda off-topic…
    Could you please revive the dead demo db link from your Aug’05 blog entry “Currency Exchange Web Service Sample Database”?
    { Link }

    Many Thanks!

    ady_451 at hotmail.com


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