HowTo : Upgrade the firmware on the LG SuperBlu BH200

HD DVD or Blu-Ray. It’s a choice that has
been imposed on the consumer by the various manufacturers and studios that
promote the different standards. However there is a third choice, a DVD
player that will play both formats. The LG SuperBlu is one of these dual
format players, the only other that I know of is the Samsung BD-UP5000
but that is not available yet.

The LG SuperBlu BH200 has full support
for both HD DVD and Blu-Ray including the BDJava and HD-i interactive additions
that can now be found on an increasing number of titles ( the older BH100
did not support the interactive features ). After connecting up the player
and testing it I have to admit that I am very happy with the purchase,
one device instead of two and I also managed to reduce the cabling behind
my TV by going with HDMI for video and an optical cable for audio.

Looking at the LG
Service website
I did notice that
there was a newer firmware for the player. After downloading the file I
noticed that the upgrade instructions were not very clear at all.

DVD and USB Write method]
The update program (“LG_BH_LV221BH.ROM “) the write it does in
Root directory of Blank DVD.
(file name: LG_BH_LV221BH.ROM , volume name of Disc: anything is OK)

The name of the single file in the zipfile
that I’d downloaded was LG_BH_LV221BH.ROM_1119F_PRODUCTION. Do I write
this file to the DVD or do I rename it.  There was no way to tell
from the service website. Thank goodness for rewritable DVD’s

So the proceedure is fairly simple :

  • Download the new firmware file from
    the LG Service website

  • Unzip the file
  • RENAME it so it just ends in .ROM
  • Burn it to the root of a blank DVD (
    rewritable is best )

  • Insert the disk in the BH200 player.
  • The player will detect the upgrade and
    show you the old Firmware version and the new firmware version.

  • Click OK to upgrade the device.

    I hope this helps anybody else who purchases
    the LG SuperBlu BH200.

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9 comments on “HowTo : Upgrade the firmware on the LG SuperBlu BH200
  1. Timothy Briley says:

    “…by going with HDMI for video and an optical cable for audio.”It appears that you get your sound via an A/V receiver or integrated amp, but that it doesn’t have HDMI. Which was ok until you got a TV with HDMI.Before you hooked up everything via component cabling and routed everything through your A/R receiver/integrated amp. This made switching sources really easy.Now, instead of using the receiver to switch sources for your TV, you have to switch the audio via the receiver/integrated amp and in a separate step, switch the video via the TV.So you are probably like me, trying to find a reason to replace a perfectly good A/V receiver/integrated amp simply because it doesn’t have HDMI.


  2. Declan Lynch says:

    You need to look into buying a Logitech Harmony Remote. I just press the ‘Watch DVD’ button on the remote and it will switch all the devices on and change them to the correct input without any further actions from me.When I select the ‘Watch TV’ option it knows that the DVD player was on so it turns that off and then turns on the Sat box and switches the video and audio inputs again with no further input from me. Very Very handy and no need to get rid of a perfectly good receiver/amp.


  3. Timothy Briley says:

    Funny you mention that. That’s exactly what I’m considering. Which model Harmony do you have? Which one do you wish you had?


  4. Declan Lynch says:

    I have the Harmony 550, it’s a pretty old one and my wife does not like it very much as the buttons are not that easy to press.Of course I’d love to try the Harmony 1000, but I’d have to see what the touch screen is like before committing to it.


  5. Timothy Briley says:

    Thanks. My wife would have me committed if I spent $500 on a remote.I’m looking at the 670. CompUSA had it last week for $100. Of course with them going under, you never know what you’ll find there now.What TV do you have?


  6. Brian Hoyt says:

    Just to let you know the Samsung player is out, in limited numbers though. I was watching Fifth Element on mine last night.


  7. Hy Pyke says:

    Hello,There are some other BH200 owners chatting over at the{ Link }Feel free to join us. HyPyke


  8. AL ADKIINS says:



  9. bobo says:

    Re firmware update:

    :”burn to the root of a dvd”

    please translate….burn to a dvd?? or??



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