SnTT : Redirecting an RSS Feed – Another method

Bruce Elgort has shown how you can redirect
an RSS feed
to Feedburner using
a combination of Domino Designer and redirection website documents in the
NAB, but what if you don’t have any access to the NAB to create the required
redirect document to do it a HTTP level? Well the RSS spec actually includes
an XML level redirect function that is easy to implement with just the
Domino designer.

First you need to rename your RSS agent
to whatever your want and then setup Feedburner to use this new agent to
get it’s RSS feed. Then you need to create a new agent using the same name
as the old RSS Agent so that people who are accessing the old RSS feed
directly won’t see your live RSS feed, instead they will get a different
snippit of XML that looks similar to the following :

<?xml version="1.0"?>





This bit of XML will tell your RSS reader
to start using the new RSS feed from Feedburner.

This is also handy if you change hosting
service and your directory structure changes. You could implement this
is the old hosted database as long as it’s around…

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  1. Bruce Elgort says:

    @Dec,Thanks for posting this great information. I will link to it on my blog post.


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