Happy Birthday WebLog

Did you know that the word ‘WebLog’ was
coined today, December 17th, in 1997?

While it wasn’t shortened to ‘blog’
till 1999 the blogosphere has grown up in the past 10 years, going from
blogs where people had to manually edit html files to modern blog editing
suites that manage content and comments all in one easy package.

Even within the Lotus communnity we
have seen a big uptake in blogging with IBM themselves even joining in.
By purchasing and including the DominoBlog template in the Lotus Notes
server products they have helped raise awareness of blogging at the corporate
level which in turn has helped more IT professionals find the still growing
Lotus blogging community.

So I would like to wish the ‘WebLog’
a happy 10th birthday.

And to think, somebody somewhere ( who
will remain nameless unless they want to leave a comment and admit to it
) once said that there would be no need for a Domino based blogging template
as there will never be more then 100 domino based blogs.

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  1. I’m afraid Google outs him…{ Link }


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