Sametime 7.5.1 Mac Client

It’s great to finally see the released
SameTime Client for the Mac but I do have to ask one question? Did you
do any beta testing on the mac side of things at all?  With a marked
increase of Notes / Domino professionals moving towards the Mac client
you’d think there would be enough people to invite for testing of a specific
implementation. Of course having people testing is one thing, actually
listening to their feedback is another.

A few of the problems that are in the
gold release of Sametime 7.5.1 Mac were also in the beta client. Things
like the About and Preferences menus under the ‘SameTime’ menu not working,
but their counterparts under the file and help menus working fine.

Tried setting your geographic location
yet? The mac client can’t save it, it complains that the Location Server
could not be found.  This works fine on the windows version of the

But the biggest flaw I’ve found.  It
doesn’t honor the Mac’s Dock properly.  After starting the application
it adds a nice SameTime icon to the dock. Wanting to have the SameTime
client start automatically I did what I normally do on the Mac, I right-clicked
the icon in the dock and selected the ‘Open At Login’ option. After rebooting
to test the SameTime client didn’t, instead I got a Java console that did
nothing. Starting SameTime actually runs java with a few parameters, the
dock icon is just an alias to the java executable without the parameters.
So no auto start of the client for me.

So come on IBM, why not take advantage
of ALL your community users and start a program for them to have early
access to these betas and then listen to their feedback.  Design Partners
and Sametime related business partners are one thing but the people you’ve
got to make happy are us early adoptors who are going to blog their results…
Good or Bad…

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4 comments on “Sametime 7.5.1 Mac Client
  1. Sander says:

    I Agree with you on this. I am happy that there is a client for mac….but it is a bugy!


  2. Declan – I’ve posted some explanations/additional background here: { Link }


  3. Turtle says:

    Dec, what about you doing a quick shellscript to duplicate what the SameTime start icon does, and putting THAT in your login items list?


  4. The Turtle says:

    Dec, what numbers do you have as far as Notes/Domino people moving to the Mac? I mean, yeah, in the last year or two an amazing number of people I know have bought their first “modern” Mac, and my stats on my site indicate that there are a surprising number of Mac-based hits, but are you seeing the same on your blog? What did you hear at ILUG?I think we should all get together and buy Maureen Leland a MacBook… maybe we’d finally get our Mac Designer client back!


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