How NOT to get to ILUG 2007

If your one of the lucky people to get
their name on the list for ILUG 2007 then you probably have your travel
plans sorted out by now but if not then beware of Google Maps. It appears
that the ‘Get Directions’ feature may have you doing a lot of swimming if your
traveling to Dublin from the USA and at a 30 day trip you only have a few
more weeks to get packed and ready.


Of course buying an airplane ticket
might be a better option.

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5 comments on “How NOT to get to ILUG 2007
  1. I think the best part is that you don’t actually swim to Ireland. You swim to the coast of France. And you don’t stagger on to the shoreline and praise all that is holy that you’re still alive. Nope. You hang a “right on to the E05.”Then go through the Chunnel. And then across England to Holyhead (making sure not to get in that traffic snarl in London — take the bypass!!) where it’s not clear whether you’re to actually BOARD A FERRY or SWIM. But in either case, there’s a waypoint out in the middle of the water.Google often has a great sense of humor.


  2. Duffbert says:

    That’d make a great slide for a presentation. 🙂


  3. Too funny. I love that Google puts stuff like that in. Anyone ever zoom all the way in on Google Moon?


  4. Well, obviously they’re taking Boston traffic into consideration by having you got to Long Wharf, which involves less driving but more swimming; instead of sending you up the North Shore to Revere Beach or Nahant


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