Notes Domino 8 Beta 3 Now Available

It looks like the Notes/Domino 8 Beta 3
files are now
to download
.  I’ve already
updated my server to the latest code :

A picture named M2

Installing the Notes 8 Beta 3 client
on Windows Vista did throw up one small problem.  If you have UAC
disabled then you need to start the installer in ‘Run As Administrator’
mode by right clicking on it and selecting the option from the menu. If
you don’t do this then the Java Provisioning server doesn’t start up and
the install will fail.

Apart from that both the install and
the actual running performance in beta 3 has greatly been increased. Now
to look around and see what else has changed.

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One comment on “Notes Domino 8 Beta 3 Now Available
  1. Timothy Briley says:

    Given the increase in performance, what would you now give as the minimum hardware to get by on, (good but not great performance), to run the Notes R8 Standard client?


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