A Spam A Day From DominoFiles

I have never given my business email address
to DominoFiles, I have never purchased any of their products or signed
up on their website.  I didn’t even use this email address to register
for Lotusphere but somehow they managed to get it and are sending me unsolicitated
emails. Over the past few days they have sent in 1 per day.

A picture named M2

But I have a fair idea know how they
managed to get that particular email address and that was via TeamStudio,
I do have a business relationship with TeamStudio and the first DominoFiles
spam message was a TeamStudio related message that others in the community
.  To me it appears
that TeamStudio have either unwittingly added all their customers to the
DominoFiles Spam list by using their services to send out marketing or
they actually sold the addresses to DominoFiles.

To TeamStudio I say please stop using
DominoFiles to send out marketing information, our email addresses are
not safe in the hands of DominoFiles and it is bad for your business to
be associated with a company known to
and award
themselves ficticious awards

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  1. I would suggest invoking the Boulder Pledge… Don’t ever buy anything from spammers or product advertized by spam.


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