Claiming Your BlogSphere V3 Blog On Technorati

If your running or planning to upgrade
to BlogSphere V3 then you may want to make use of the Technorati integration
by displaying entries categories as links to Technorati and then the next
logical step is to claim your blog on Technorati so you can make use of
some of their advanced features.

Technorati claim process can make use
of BlogSphere’s built-in MetaWebLog API support to quickly determine of
you own the blog or not.  Before beginning the claim process on Technorati
you will need to make sure your BlogSpghere configuration document has
a username and password set in the interfaces section.

Once the BlogSphere configuration is
complete go to Technorati and either log into your existign account or
create a new one. When you are logged in go to your account profile and
click on the ‘Blogs’ tab and enter the url of your blog into the ‘BlogURL’
field and then click OK.  Technorati will then detect that your blog
has the MetaWebLog API enabled and will enter it’s Quick Claim mode and
ask for the username and password. This is the username and password from
above, not your Lotus Notes username or password.

Once Technorati has verified the username
and password you will be able to enter in some extra details and tags for
your blog and then save it to your account.

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One comment on “Claiming Your BlogSphere V3 Blog On Technorati
  1. Phil Lozen says:

    Hey Declan,

    I tried to comment on the Blogsphere blog but it wouldn’t let me. We recently started using Beta 6 of Blogsphere and we can’t find any support for web-based posting. I just wanted to make sure we weren’t missing anything and that indeed was something that is not there yet.


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