A week with a mac

Well it’s been a week now with the new
macbook and so far i’m very impressed. If your looking at buying a new
computer or laptop then you won’t go far wrong by buying a mac.One of the
biggest cliches you hear about the mac is that ‘It Just Works’ and until
you actually use one for even a few days you will never appreciate how
true that statement is.

Some of the things that I really like
on the mac is the ease of use.  On the trackpad you can enable a few
handy features like dragging two fingers down the trackpad will scroll
the screen, no having to move the mouse over to the side of the window
and dragging the scroll bar up and down. It’s simple and saves a lot of
time. Tap the trackpad with two fingers and it’s as if you were right clicking
something, another good time saver.

After about two days of getting used
to the mac I turned off my thinkpad and switched completely to the macbook
for both home and work. Even my home PC hasn’t been turned on in the past
week. This doesn’t mean that I’m not using windows as I still need it for
Sametime and Notes Designer but with Parallels running vista on the mac
I can keep those apps handy for when I need them in work. I know there
will be a mac Sametime client in the 7.5.1 release but I think it will
be a long time before we see a Notes designer for the mac… Maybe when
the Eclipse version of designer becomes a reality will we eventually see
a designer client running on the mac.

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4 comments on “A week with a mac
  1. Matt White says:

    The Designer client for the Mac is like the holy grail for Domino / Mac heads but my understanding from the developers is that even when the Eclipse Designer client is done in Windows it will still be a major effort to port that to the Mac (or indeed Linux) due to the amount of Windows specific COM code that Designer uses.Still a boy can dream Matt


  2. ursus says:

    Been using a Mac as my main machine for about 6 months now and have never looked back. The only annoying thing about it is the keyboard – not allowing drivers to setup their own keys is a PITA – no backslash on the german keyboard (yeah, I know you can do option-shift-7 but how funny is that :o( – even the @ is hidden under option-l) – will never understand it! Oh well, you cannot have everything ;o)


  3. Aido says:

    Oh Declan! What have those Americans done to you?


  4. I’m not sure about 7 designer, but the 8 beta 2 designer runs fine under crossover(wine) for Mac.. I’m using it at the moment quite happily, with no major issues. I know its not the same as a full native Mac designer, but its better than using parallels/RDC


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