The WOW Really Starts Now

You may have heard of the Microsoft Vista
marketing campaign by now with the slogan of ‘The WOW Starts Now’ and I
have to agree the WOW really does start now, I just bought my first Apple
MAC and all I’ve been saying so far is WOW WOW WOW.

Having used Windows nearly all my computing
career this is the first time I’ve had any exposure to the Mac operating
system and I have to say that so far I am impressed at how wonderfully
fast and easy Macs are. Installing software is simple, just drag it to
the apps folder and bingo it’s installed, uninstalling is just as simple,
just drag the app to the trashcan and the system works it’s wonders.

The included iLife software is outstanding
and I can’t wait to dig into them some more.  All the software that
I’d normally spend a day or so installing on my windows machine only took
about 2 hors to install on the mac and really the only thing I’m missing
is the Notes Designer client but that’s no problem with Parallels Desktop,
especially in coherence mode where it can mix your windows app windows
on top of the mac os desktop.  Notes Designer is the only thing i’m
going to run on the VM partition ( until IBM comes out with a Mac Notes
Designer client ) , everything else I’m going to use the native mac apps
for, including this blog entry which I’m writing in the Notes 7.0.2 Mac

I’ve made the switch… Who’s next…

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14 comments on “The WOW Really Starts Now
  1. Tim Tripcony says:

    Dec, if you have a few spare moments, could you try out XIDED on your new Mac? I’ve yet to hear if it works in Safari…


  2. Matt White says:

    Welcome to the club Declan. What macbook did you get?Matt


  3. Paul Mooney says:

    Just what I need… another person dangling the mac in front of me…Its too pretty to use.. just put it on the wall!


  4. Trackback for you…{ Link }


  5. Bruce Elgort says:

    I hope you found a nice collection of OS X apps to use. Maybe you will now stop bugging me. Just kidding my friend. Good luck with your new productivity toy.


  6. Fantasist says:

    Well, the Mac’s okay, but it’s not a patch on the Commodore Amiga – the computer of the future!


  7. Eric Garneau says:

    You’ll need to pressure IBM for a Mac OS X Notes Designer (and Admin). They stopped it and probably will never make it again.


  8. Adeleida says:

    @7: Really? That’s pretty awful?!Declan – let us know if you are doing Notes dev work on your new toy, please? I am due for a new laptop and I’m seriously considering switching to a Mac.


  9. Declan says:

    I’m going to be doing my notes development in a Virtual Machine running windows. Parallels has a wonderful feature called CoHerence that makes it look like the windows app is running right on the mac desktop. best of both worlds.


  10. David Leedy says:

    Congrats on the Mac move! I switched a little while ago. I’ve been using a 17 inch macbook pro at home. While native Notes designer would be nice, Parallels with coherence is awesome!!


  11. Rob McDonagh says:

    Welcome to the Cult of Mac, Dec! Coherence mode in Parallels does make all the difference when it comes to Domino Designer. You can hardly tell it’s not an OS X native app.If you haven’t already done so, get Quicksilver installed. I can launch just about any app I want in 2 keystrokes, and it learns my preferences so that it is always getting better at predicting what I’ll want.


  12. sellitman says:

    I’ve had my first Mac (a 17″ 2GHTZ iMac) for about 2 weeks and everyday I am kicking myself in the ass.I wonder why I didn’t do this years ago? For all those that are too chicken I suggest you are missing out big time. I can’t wait to upgrade to Leopard when that is available.


  13. @7 – Most of the people familiar with Declan’s blog are well aware that IBM doesn’t have Domino Designer on the Mac, but where do you get “will probably never make it again?” What do you think the push to get Designer wrapped in Expeditor is if not an effort to go cross-platform?

    Administrator is vaguely interesting, but really unnecessary, given the incredible quality of the web-based admin version.


  14. Jason says:

    I’m guessing you know about this already but if not you should take a look at parallels desktop for Mac { Link }

    Tim from the Turtles { Link } swears by it….



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