IBM WorkPlace Managed Client

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the
IBM WorkPlace Managed Client was available to download from the PartnerWorld
area on the IBM website. This week I had a little time to download it and
install it in my test lab so I could learn more about the Managed Client.

It took about 50 minutes to install
the WorkPlace server and then another 30 minutes to install the provisioning
server that’s required for the Managed Client. If I had of bothered reading
the setup manuals I’m sure this would have been a lot quicker.

Once I had the provisioning server up
and running I could then install the Managed Client and all I can say is
wow. It worked first time and it looks great.  I could easily access
my document libraries, team workspaces and it even picked up my Lotus Notes
V7 installation and showed that as an available application.

One feature in the Managed Client that
is not in the browser version of WorkPlace is the Activity Explorer.  This
is a great concept and I’ve explained the concept to a few people now and
everytime I have seen their eyes light up at the idea that you can add
a new person to an activity and they have access to the activities previous
documents, emails etc.  There is amazing potential for this feature
if it’s sold correctly.

One thing that is missing from the Managed
Client that I feel would make a great addition is an RSS reader.  I’m
sure somebody somewhere will eventually write one but my suggestion is
that there should be one in there today. You could have a few feeds preset
like an IBM feed and maybe a few businessy ones like Reuters. Show that
to an exec out of the box and they will be impressed.

To keep inline with the IBM advertising
theme the IBM Managed Client is set to throw a few punches and knockout
the competition. If you get a chance then you should really start looking
at this technology Today.

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5 comments on “IBM WorkPlace Managed Client
  1. Ben Poole says:

    Activity Explorer is great, and agree re RSS… there’s just one thing AE needs to really do the business: doclink support! (Now I sound like rhs eh)


  2. Bruce Elgort says:

    @Dec,How about some screenshots?


  3. Val says:

    Declan, what is the file name for the Passport download for the provisioning server e.g ? I have setup WSE and want to install the managed client.


  4. Chris Miller says:

    Had all tis for a bit but havent had time to even blog about it due to why I have the damn thing running. Once again, impressed, well yes. In a hurry to push it anywhere with the overhead on hardware and support, not just yet


  5. Sudhir says:

    I cam across your entry during a search on workplace client configuration.
    I have installed Workplace services express 2.5.1 on one machine, now i have workplace managed client on my machine, but what is this provisioning server? where can I get it? can I instal it on WSE?

    I would be grateful if you could help me.

    Thanks & regards


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