Google BlogSearch and BlogSphere

Google has today revealed a new search
service aimed directly at blogs. It uses a blogs RSS or ATOM feed to gather
details from entries for indexing. To get into the blog index you just
need to ping the WebLogs interface every time you publish a new story.

From the ‘About Google BlogSearch’ page

If your blog publishes a site feed
in any format and automatically pings an updating service (such as,
we should be able to find and list it.

If your using Blogsphere for your blog
then there is a built in feature that will ping the list for
you.  In the main blog configuration on the Story Setup page you should
see the option for the Weblogs Ping. Set this to ‘Always’ or ‘Ask’ and
then when you create a new blog entry Blogsphere will automatically inform
the list that your site has been updated.

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2 comments on “Google BlogSearch and BlogSphere
  1. I hope it will soon be possible to ping Google Blogsearch directly and not have to rely on which is often so heavily loaded that attempts to ping just time out.Incidentally, I attempted a Blogsphere hack to enable an XML-RPC ping to Technorati in the same way as but couldn’t get it to work However, I did find a nice service called Pingomatic ( which will send pings to a number of services simultaneously including, Technorati and another I use regularly, Feedburner.You can set up a single bookmark there which will ping all of your chosen services.The bad news – as of right now Pingomatic is broken though I expect they will have it sorted out before very long – looks like their server just needs a little kick.


  2. Hi Declan,I’ve been playing with Blogsphere for a few months and finally have up and running on the platform. I’ve made several tweeks to the code which I plan to share with you for the next release, but had a couple questions about this issue first.1 – Will the ping work if I publish stories from a local replica in the Notes client, or do I need to be on the server?2 – Do I need to “re-ping” for stories already published, or will a single ping cause all published stories to get indexed?Thanks, and great job making Blogsphere a reality!Kevin


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