A Dark Week For Lotusphere

Anybody who was planning on going to see
the Cirque Du Soleil show ‘La Noubia’ at Lotusphere in January will be
disappointed to know that it is a ‘Dark Week’ from Jan 22th till Jan 30th.
This means that anybody who wants to get to the show will have to go on
Saturday 21st. The question is will you be back before the Turtle / ESPN
party is over ?

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5 comments on “A Dark Week For Lotusphere
  1. Wild Bill says:

    D’oh!Just have to go to the Turtle party early then…(one year we started at 4pm.. God, *that* was messy)—* Bill


  2. Joe Elway says:

    Hi Dec,
    You-know-who here. You should be able to figure out my new email address: given how boring it’s supposed to be in there at the moment, it will give you something to do

    My choice of email server will also surprise you. I expect to see a mail from you.



  3. kitty says:

    Thank God we went this year Oh well more time for Turtle’s party – oh that could be dangerous


  4. Devin Olson says:

    Hmmmm, Cirque Du Soleil show ‘La Noubia’ or Turtle’s party? Not much of a conundrum for me.

    I’ll be the one drinking heavily, talking loudly, and having a helluva good time with my much-missed friends. I hope you make the right choice here Declan, I don’t want to have to pour my own pints. Kitty, you are bringing Warren along, right?



  5. kitty says:

    LOL! Well, you know, if he’s good between now and then


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