Windows Vista – Outlook Express RSS Reader

Just looking at the new 5219 build of Microsoft
Windows Vista and one thing I’ve noticed is that Outlook Express is getting
an overhaul, both visually and functionally.

This new build of Outlook Express now
includes an RSS reader and it will probably complement the ‘Web Feeds’
( as MS are trying to rebrand it ) support that is appearing in Internet
Explorer 7.

This is proof positive that the IBM
WorkPlace client needs to have RSS capabilities out of the box. OK, we
all know that Outlook Express is not a direct competitor for WorkPlace
but, like it or not, what the CEO uses at home is what they expect in the

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One comment on “Windows Vista – Outlook Express RSS Reader
  1. I agree, both the Workplace and Notes clients need native RSS reader functionality. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the value off RSS and relevance of embedding it in your clients.


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