BP107 : Best Practices For Object Oriented LotusScript

Another early start, especially for Bill Buchan who was presenting this session, he was up late last night and up even earlier this morning to prep and practice. Well the 8am after the party session timeslot didn’t stop the crowd from arriving, there was a full room all bleary eyed but willing. It must have been the offer of the bottle of Whisky that did it.

This was one great session and really enjoyable, a good mix of the Wild Bill reputation of fun and enough serious content to learn something from it. I’ve never used classes before but now I have loads of ideas where classes could really cut down on some of the code within BlogSphere and make things faster. I’ll be investigating these ideas over the next few weeks.

One thing about creating classes in Domino apps is the lack of a class browser. We were promised one at last years Lotusphere and were even told that a team was working on it but it hasn’t become a reality, the latest Lotus Notes beta doesn’t have it and the plans for it seem to have been dropped. This decision really needs reversed, even get it in for the 7.5 release. Classes are really good and having a class browser will really make people use them more.

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4 comments on “BP107 : Best Practices For Object Oriented LotusScript
  1. Andrew Tetlaw says:

    The other thing that bugs me is the “illegal circular use” thing. It makes it very difficult to create a decent OO architecture (clases, subclasses, interfaces etc.).Java doesn’t suffer from this problem.


  2. When I create classes for LS I resort back to an old copy of VB6. They even have a class wizzard for creating new ones. Since COM and LS are not too different that takes out some of the pain. stw


  3. Carlos says:

    A colleague of mine has just realised a product which may relieve your LS Class woes:http://ddextensions.com/


  4. Mike Brown says:

    { Link } no longer exists. However, Teamstudio has free LotusScript class and script browser that you can download from their web site.


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