This is a new session for Lotusphere this year, based loosly on the ask the developers session the speakers from the Best Practices track, including myself, were up onstage to answer the audiences questions. Sitting on the stage while the room filled up was quite interesting, there were people taking photos from all over the place and boy where there a lot of people in attendance.

Moderated by Ed Brill’s evil twin, Alan Leposky, the session kicked off with a good few interesting questions. Nothing came up that required an answer from me so I ended up just sitting there drinking the water and passing the mic back and forth across the line.

Great session but could have done with a bit more organisation, I think a few of us didn’t know what to expect.

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  1. It was a surreal trip and a half, eh? It did cap a great week for me personally and it was great to finally meet you! I cannot believe this was the first time you ever made a presentation!


  2. Hi Dec

    A big problem I get with blogsphere based sites is breaking rss feeds – ie yours is currently broken because invalid characters etc are not parsed out where they need to be.

    For example view your current feed in a browser you will see what I mean.




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