Universal Islands Of Adventure

The Wednesday Night Party was a great fun night. A few of us ( Terri, Bill, Warren, Kitty and Wolter ) left the Dolphoin early and got a cab to the park for a few drinks beforehand. Being early meant that when the doors opened at 7pm we were right at the front and could go straight to the rides.

First stop was Dualing Dragons. I’ve been suffering from a really bad back all week so didn’t get on this one myself but all the others went straight up and went around around 3 times, though Kitty only managed it the once. After that it was around to the Jurassic Park water ride. It was a bit slow at the start but the water drop at the end was cool, didn’t get too wet but the people at the front got a little soaked. Onwards to Spiderman. This was really cool, the 3d effects were fantastic and they really know how to mess with your perceptions and make it feel like your being thrown around and falling. We did this one twice taking the shortcut so we didn’t have to queue again.

Next on the list was was Doctor Doom. I skipped out on this one because of the back again and from what I was told I was really lucky I did as the g forces were quite extream. After this it was around to The Hulk. I decided that I couldn’t leave the park without doing at least one coaster, backpain or no backpain. Now I’m not a big fan of coasters and normally need to be dragged on ( which I needed this time also ) but after the first time around I got off and went straight back on. Then, much to everybodies surprise, I went around twice more. This really is a great coaster. Normally coasters go to the top of the hill and then drop over but this one is different… Half way up the launch hill the coaster suddenly gains speed and at the top turns immediatly upside down. WOW. If you ever get a chance to try this coaster out then don’t shy away.

After the themepark closed and we had plenty of free beer and food we headed over to the Hard Rock Cafe for a few more and then taxi back to the hotel for yet another couple. What a great night.

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