ID506 : Wes Morgan’s Network Design For Collaboration

Wes Morgan is always a great speaker and I just had to go to this session to see what his new area of responsibility had brought him to. This time last year Wes was know as SameTime guy but during the year he moved jobs to a new networky type position. If it was the words network and collaboration in the title then it ends up on his desk.

The session was all about how the network is very important to collaboration. He went to explain how the positioning of servers is very important and how to place users and servers in different sections of the network to make it faster and more secure.

One important thing that came of of the session was how network problems are always noticed by users of realtime collaboration systems quicker then users of other systems, while a web browser will sit and wait for traffic other applications like Lotus Notes and SameTime will fail fairly quickly.What this means is that the next time you have an apparent failure then always check with your network team to see if they are having any problems because 9 times out of ten it’s a network issue and you can route your helpdesk calls the correct way.

This was a great session and well worth getting the slides from if you missed it

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