STR109 : The Boss Loves Microsoft

Following on from Ed’s earlier session on how to sell Notes internally within a company this session deals with the different approches that the MS guys will approch the CIO with and how to explain the benefits of the Notes solutions and how to counter the MS guys arguments.

The Microsoft Collaboration Graveyard slide was replaced this year with a new version of it. The Checkerboard History of the MS collaboration suite was great to see. It’s nice to see all the canceled and unsupported MS collaboration options up there, like MS Exchange Public Folders or the more recent MS Edge server which was announced last year and pulled at christmas. Lets see, Lotus Notes has been around 15 years, apps written in the original version still run on todays version, it runs on a multitude of operating systems and doesn’t need a rip and replace upgrade. ever. How many OS’s does Exchange run on again… oh yeah, one.

All in all this was a great session and I can’t wait to see it again next year, Ed will probably need more squares on that checker board by then.

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