Getting closer to Lotusphere

Only two weeks and a bit to go and Lotusphere fever is definitly starting to get everybody excited. The plane tickets are booked ( flying direct from Dublin to Orlando on a new route from Aer Lingus ), the hotel is booked, I’m in the Dolphin again this year, and the presentation slides are completed, just have to get my timings finished off and I’ll be all set.

Somebody asked why I hadn’t blogged about the session that Richard and myself will be presenting, well I’ve mentioned it now so you can stop asking It’s on in the Swan on Tuesday at 4.15pm immediatly after the OpenNTF BOF session in the Dolphin. Hope to see you all there ( but not in the front row please, it’s nerve-wrecking enough )

With luck the wifi network at Lotusphere this year will able able to cope with the growing number of WiFi enabled laptops and PDA’s. Last year I was able to get WiFi connections when sitting at the back of some of the session rooms and I was able to blog while at the session with live updates to my server via replication. [note to organisers, loads more WiFi please.]

Talking of blogging while at sessions, last year Julian spotted me scribbling notes on my pda and wondered if I was using it to Blog. Well this year that vision is a reality with the finished Blogger.API in BlogSphere. Using a tool called ‘Blogs In Hand‘ you can now write your blogs whereever you are and upload them to your site once you have connectivity. This year I’ll be using my I-Mate PDA2k that has built in WiFi and a really cool slide out qwerty keyboard.

Of course it won’t be all about sessions and blogging, there will be plenty of time to relax and unwind with the Red Bull and Jager on the balcony at the Dolphin, the ESPN party, the wednesday night party and, very important, the high possibility of a Steelers game on the 23rd in the AFC championship. This should be one great trip and I certainly can’t wait.

Update: Please, Please, Please, leave the coffee out for longer between the sessions. We don’t Julian to cause a distrubance

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7 comments on “Getting closer to Lotusphere
  1. You’re right about that (not wanting me to cause a disturbance). Here in the South, we call that “opening a can of whoop-ass”. – Julian


  2. Bruce Elgort says:

    @Julian,Your a wooos…just look at this picture of you I came across:


  3. I don’t know, I think that looks pretty mean. If you kind of squint your eyes and pretend I’m 7 feet tall.


  4. jonvon says:

    omg that is freaking hilarious… (the pic i mean)does this really mean we can’t sit in the front row and smile obsequiously?oh well… hey if you are going to be nervous i hear a lot of classical musicians are trying “beta blockers” to lessen their nerves during performances. i think they are usually used by heart patients? not sure. anyway i thought that was interesting. might be useful if you are going to break out a violin or something.


  5. Devin Olson says:

    Actually, I’m kind of hoping to be there (not too close, perhaps just nearby) with a camera when they pull the coffee cart right as Julian walks up to get some. Photos of people actually blowing their top tend to sell well.

    (Looking forward to hanging out with all of you again.)


  6. Hi Declan- just to let you know your rss feed is broke – invalid xml.this line is the sticky bit: <url><//url>


  7. Hi Dec – Regarding Blogs In Hand, if I write some posts offline, do I have to remember to start the app once I have connectivity?If so, I might stick with doing blog posts by email, because I don’t need to remember to upload my posts – the email is sent automatically when I get a net connection. It sucks that Blogger’s email function is currently having issues


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