Blogging from a pocket PC

With the latest release of Blogsphere V2 I have finally gotten the Blogger API fully integrated and working.

This new interface adds loads of exciting new ways to update your blog, from windows tools like w.bloggar, web tools like the ‘Flickr’ blog this photo tool to blogging tools on your PDA.

I’m entering this post on a tool called ‘Blogs In Hand’ on the Pocket PC platform.

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2 comments on “Blogging from a pocket PC
  1. Paul Mooney says:

    Well, that sells it for me. I will get a keyboard for my xda2 now… (had one for the xda1 but its not supported for the newer model)


  2. Rob McDonagh says:

    Woo-hoo!!!!!A tiny bit excited over here, never mind me, move along now…


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