ATOMize your gmail

So you have a GMail account and an RSS Feed Reader. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be notified via RSS when you get a new email, well now you can. GMail have introduced ATOM feeds for email accounts and they can be accessed at a universal URL of you just need to log in and it will provide you with your personalised feed.

All you need to do now is make sure you can pass in a username and password from your feedreader. My favorite feed reader is SharpReader and that seems to do the trick for me.

BTW, I have a few more gmail invites available if anybody wants them.

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2 comments on “ATOMize your gmail
  1. TheOldGit says:

    Thanks for that one Declan! It’s always easier having only one place to look for stuff!

    See you in Orlando


  2. Ben Rose says:

    I guess the Notesmail template could be tweaked for this?


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