This could be one packed session.

Just spotted this posted by an ‘Iris Associates’ forum member on :

The strategy talks on Monday will probably have the most info on the plans for future releases. If you can attend Kevin Cavanaugh’s session that would be my recommendation.

The session in question is the STR101 : Lotus Notes And Lotus Domino Strategy. I hope they have decided to hold this in the biggest room they can find as a lot of people are going to be quite interested.

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2 comments on “This could be one packed session.
  1. Ed Brill says:

    Indeed, it’s planned for Monday at 5 PM, in the largest room of the whole conference. There is a scheduled repeat Tuesday at 1:30 PM in the second-biggest room. Neither is up against your session


  2. Ed Brill says:

    oh and this is the third year we’ve done a session like this, so it is known to be quite popular.


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