Busy Busy Busy

Why do all the important projects have deadlines on the 3rd Jan. Over the past month a number of new projects have all dropped on my plate and everybody wants theirs done by the 3rd Jan. We have been developing a new intranet based on LWWCM Domino Edition, We have a project to roll out a mail recall feature throughout the entire domain ( some high level exec had the feature in Exchange and wanted the same in Domino, and no, explaining how the exchange version works didn’t help ), Another group are looking for a document management system and Domino.Doc or whatever it’s called now seems to fit the bill for the job.

I have another group looking at QuickPlace and I’m in the middle of organising our Notes 6.5.x client upgrades so we can fully roll out SameTime IM to everybody. Oh, and we just got approval from the board to licence and roll out iExtentions CRM ( congrats on the Lotus Award ) through their UK partner ThroughBox IT who also won an award.

I think the only Notes/Domino tool we haven’t looked at is the Learning Services ones. I’ll have to go to Ed and Libby‘s session on Selling Notes inside the organisation to get some ideas.

Add to all that the Lotusphere presentation (BP123 : Improving Collaboration With Blogs And Wikis In Domino) that I have to finish off and tidy up before Jan 3rd and you can see why it’s been busy busy busy for me this month. If somebody invents a cloneing machine let me know, I could do with a couple more of me.

Well in case I don’t get any more updates done between now and Jan I hope you all have a Happy Holiday and a great New Year. See you all in Orlando at Lotusphere on the 23rd.

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  1. Ed Brill says:

    sounds like you should give the session rather than attend it. hmmm….


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