I won’t be at the Sunday Night Opening Party

The Sunday night beach party clashes with the Pittsburgh AFC Championship game now that the Steelers have just beaten the Jets 20 – 17 in a nail bitting playoff. I haven’t missed a single Steelers game since being introduced to the game this year and even got the chance to go to Heinz Field at Thanksgiving to watch them play.

So if anybody is looking for me at the beach party you won’t find me, I’ll be down at the All Star Sports ( pitchers of beer only $7 ) to watch the game. Any other Steelers fans out there are welcome to join us there

Go Steelers

Update : Looks like most people are going to ESPN if there aren’t any TV’s at the beach party so I’ll see you there.

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5 comments on “I won’t be at the Sunday Night Opening Party
  1. They’ve had the Super Bowl game on big screens at the party in the past. Don’t recall whether they’ve had anything set up for playoff games though.-rich


  2. Duffbert says:

    The All-Star Sports is OK if you’re going for the cheap beer or if that’s where you’re staying already. But if you’re staying at the Dolphin/Swan/Y&B or Boardwalk, you should plan on watching the game over at the ESPN Club. There are a ton of screens, the crowd is really into the game, and they’ll let you stay and watch the game as long as you want.


  3. Greyhawk68 says:

    Yeah, depending on game time, I would check the Sunday Night party as they have had TV’s up on quite a few occassions. Then it becomes FREE beer, and FREE food…

    Maybe Ed would know if they are planning on TV’s this year or not…


    P.S. If the Steelers are playing New England, then I will totally cheer for Pittsburgh (much to Rob McD’s shargrin) but if the Steelers play Indy, then I gotta go Indy… Sorry


  4. Rob McDonagh says:

    Grey, you’re just peeved ’cause I compare Peyton Manning and the Colts to Dan Marino and your Dolphins! Division rivalries have a funny effect on who you root for. When the Pats are out of the playoffs, I root for the other teams in our division – yes, even the Jets (once when the Jets played the Dolphins in a big game when the Pats were out of it – not sure it was playoffs, but it was a huge game – I kept flipping back and forth between the two teams…). But I know plenty of Patriots fans who have exactly the opposite opinion – they *hate* our division opponents and root against them at all costs. I’m guessing you root against the Pats because you’re in the latter camp? Or is there something specific you don’t like about this particular Pats team?


  5. Rock says:

    Since my beloved Atlanta Falcons are playing the Philadelphia Iggles in the NFC Championship, I will be going to the ESPN Club right after the BDDay general session to get my table in front of the big screen. Anyone who wishes to join me is welcome, and I will most likely stay there to watch the Pats/Steelers game (either celebrating or drowning my sorrows ).Rock


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