Test post from Flickr

Puss wants a belly rub
Originally uploaded by qtzar.

If everything works ok then you should see a nice image of one of my pussy cats as part of this blog entry.

The image is stored on my Flickr account and I used Flickr to create this entry automatically using the BloggerAPI that is built into the BlogSphere template.

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3 comments on “Test post from Flickr
  1. Greyhawk68 says:


    I knew you would be able to do it… heh!

    As always, you are the man…



  2. Declan Lynch says:

    Don’t jump for joy just yet. The BloggerAPI in BlogSphere has fallen behind some of the newer features in the template and BloggerAPI posts don’t come in properly. The post needed to be edited and saved in the client ( or web editor ) before it came visible properly

    But I’m 90% of the way there for you


  3. Bruce says:

    Has this been released in 1.3?


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