I’m off to Munich next week for a few meetings and as it happens OktoberFest is currently on so it should be an interesting few days. My hosts over in our Munich office have already made reservations so there’s going to be plenty of beer going around. Last year I was in Munich assisting with the setup of our office over there one week before OktoberFest started, I was staying in a hotel right beside where they hold the festival and everyday I could see them making all the preperations, it was such a bummer having to leave just before things started. I’ll make up for it next week however.

While I’m in Munich I’m going to have a look around for a certain person that Ed Brill met while he was over there last March. I’ll be checking up to see if he ever received his copy of the photos..

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2 comments on “OktoberFest
  1. Ed Brill says:

    totally busted — his address is still sitting on my desk, and I didn’t send ’em.Another to-do for this weekend…


  2. Bring us back something nice…at least stories! Will you be blogging while there?


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