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Just in case you haven’t noticed a new release of BlogSphere was recently made over on the OpenNTF website. This new release incorporates a number of fixes and some new features. Over on the BlogSphere site you can also read about a fantastic new feature coming in the next release called HotText that can automatically turn words or phrases in your blog entries into hyperlinks to the relevent places.

While Christian Brandlehner is working on fixing all the bugs that have been reported up on OpenNTF I’m working on extending the web interface for the blog owner. One great new feature that will be in the next release is the ability to edit blog entries from the web. if you have any other suggestions for new features for BlogSphere then make sure you let us know.

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One comment on “BlogSphere Updates
  1. Greyhawk68 says:

    Hey Declan,

    When you make releases like this, could you possibly point out which design elements have changed? The reason for this is that my template is so highly modified now that I can’t just refresh the design, I have to actually comb through and change the design elements where I can.

    The Hot Text and better web editing support are two things I’m looking forward to quite a bit! Thanks as always for all the good work.

    Take Care,


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