Lotusphere Booked


Well I’m all booked up for Lotusphere 2005, I’ll be arriving in on the 22nd just in time for the Pre-Sphere drinks and leaving on the 29th which should give me some extra time at the end of the conference to enjoy a few sights.

I’m staying in the Dolphin again this year so I can see plenty of late nights sitting out on the balcony beside the upstairs bar drinking plenty of Red Bull and Jagermeister.

I’m sure I’ll have the laptop with me again this year so watch out for me blogging away during the sessions..

See you all January…


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6 comments on “Lotusphere Booked
  1. Greyhawk68 says:

    Sweet! Glad you’re going to be able to make the trip again. I look forward to a couple of those balcony nights myself!



  2. Dolphin, eh? You must be rich. If I go, I am going to try for the $65 Hilton again or see if I can sublet a dolphin room out as a crash pad during the day.Did you ever get my response to your email? I had not heard back from you…


  3. Bruce Elgort says:

    Just don’t room with Duffbert

    See you there!!!!!!


  4. Declan Lynch says:

    Bruce, you mean you and Duffbert won’t be shacking up again this year? It must have been the snoring…


  5. No Red Bull and Tequila? I’ll keep the barf bag at home (if I can go…still waiting…sigh…)


  6. Dossing Joe says:

    Guess you must be really busy at work if you have to post this during work hours.


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