Who Has Manager Access To Your NAB


What is your standard practice in terms of who gets Manager Access to your NAB.  Some companies give all the admins full manager access and set LocalDomainServers with manager also, Others user groups and others restrict the NAB ACL down as low as possible.


What do you do with the ACl of your NAB? Is there any standard or recommended practice?  All comments welcome.


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3 comments on “Who Has Manager Access To Your NAB
  1. All admins have manager access here…we tend to work from a position of trusting our employees until proven otherwise. But we are a small company and there shouldn’t be much that is sensitive in people’s mail databases.


  2. We and usually our clients give all admins manager access to the NAB, while editor access would be enough to do the most adminstration tasks. And with Domino 6’s full access administration any admin could be enabled to give manager access to himself when needed.


  3. Paul Mooney says:

    Hey Dec…

    Do you want me to get started on this one?! So many times we see Domino environments that we could drive a double-decker bus through (just back from a shining example in the UK an hour ago).
    HUB Server – Manager
    Secondary HUB (either cluster or other global HUB) – Manager
    LocalDomainServers – Editor (no policy rights)

    I can go on and on about this you know…

    Will post something more solid when I wake up.


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