Message Disclaimers in Domino 7 Beta 2

One of the long sought after features in
Domino has been the ability to add a message disclaimer to all emails and
as you can see from the screenshot below this feature is now available
in the current beta of Notes/Domino 7.

A picture named M2

To turn on disclaimers it appears that
there are two things you need to do, one is enable disclamers in a server
configuration document and the other is to setup a new policy type called
‘Mail Settings’.  The image above is from the policy setting screen
and as you can see there are a few nice options like the ability to create
your disclaimer with HTML in it and support for where the disclaimer goes
and multi characterset support.

Well done to IBM/Lotus for adding this
much needed feature…

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One comment on “Message Disclaimers in Domino 7 Beta 2
  1. I agree that IBM/Lotus appears to have designed this feature thoughtfully.What is good about it is that beause it uses policies, different disclaimers can be appended to different classes of user. This is in fact the main benefit of this new approach over the older techniques (e.g. hacking the Memo form in which can still be persuaded to work in ND6 without wrecking the MIME formatting of messages.However, in my (OK somewhat limited) testing of ND7 beta 2 so far, I have been unsuccessful in getting this to work though I do see an extra header in the MIME of messages generated by ND7 – X-Disclaimed.Not sure why that is useful though.


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